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Panama, a good country to protect your Assets.

Many persons worldwide do not know the Republic Panama; others think that Panama is as a rural area. That is why we are going to describe this beautiful country and all the benefits and advantages that this country offers, especially you who are abroad, to know more press here.


In Panama there are many companies that offer legal services, but they do not offer or do not explain in a suitable manner the importance of introducing itself in the scope of business in Panama, and usually lot of them are foreigners that have settled in Panama, because they have found a paradise within a small country, that is why Panama Offshore Privacy Services was established (POPS).


At this moment, you might be wondering: Why I have to read this? That this benefits me? These answers are very simple, is to introduce you the potential that exists to safeguard your assets. Panama is a country that offers many benefits to the foreigners in general in a totally legal way.


Panama As Country of Opportunities

Panama as a transit country, allows opportunities to increase your assets, specially to businessmen; now you that you are not a businessman will ask: How this will help me?, the answer is to obtain possibilities of attaining assets, since in Panama hundreds have arrived from other countries and most of them are not entrepreneurs, I would say that about 50% are not businessmen, but they saw an environment with great benefits, so they decided to settle down here, for different reasons as: it has a friendly atmosphere, a stable economy and a cheaper lifestyle in comparison with other countries, to say that with US$1 you can eat; nevertheless, most of those foreigners have reached a way to gain profits and, at present, they own businesses that allowed them to increase and to live well.


How I can Obtain the Benefits that Panama Offers?

To obtain the benefits that Panama offers, you need to acquire our legal services in order to guide you, since you need to know which service acquire and how to use it correctly.


What Services Offer Panama Offshore Privacy Services?

Panama Offshore Privacy Services is part of Law Firm Chen Lee and Associates, where we offer legal services as:


Offshore Corporations in Panama

To acquire a Corporation in Panama, offers many advantages for you that come abroad, not only for being in a country with a stable economy, but because they offer aspects as: Strict policies of Anonymity, Favorable Fiscal Regime, among others. If you wish to know more, press here…


Foundations in Panama

The Foundations in Panama allow you to have more confidence in your business and help you to obtain more benefits than you can imagine, that is why hundreds of persons worldwide acquire a Panamanian Private Interest Foundation, if you want to know them, press here.


Banking accounts in Panama

Most important for the success of an Offshore Corporation is, indeed, the fact of being able to open a mercantile banking account to make international transactions Panama. To read more


Visas and Residences in Panama

The city of Panama has become in the last years as the preferred place for those foreigners who look for a destiny for a second house, for rest or to live. Know more here


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