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In Panama, there is a great range of local and international banks, which are regulated by the Superintendency of Banks of Panama.

To open a bank account in Panama gives more security to your assets, since they are more protected, due that the organizations in Panama have a confirmed stability and inclusively combined with our services of Corporations and Foundations that offers a greater trustworthiness.

Caja de Ahorros National Bank of Panama
Telephone: 508-1000 Fax: 508-1000 Telephone: (507)505-2000 Fax: 505-5072
BAC International Bank Inc. Bancafé (Panamá), S.A.
Telephone: 206-2700 Fax: 214-7045 Telephone: 264-6066 Fax: 263-6115
Banco Aliado, S.A. Banco Azteca (Panamá) S.A.
Telephone: 302-1555 Fax: 302-1556 Telephone: 278-7400 Fax: 278-7439
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (Panamá),S.A. Banco Delta, S.A. (BMF)
Telephone: 207-2100 Fax: 207-2200 Telephone: 340-0000 Fax: 340-0076
Banco de Bogotá, S.A. Banco de Guayaquil (Panamá), S.A
Telephone: 208-1100 Fax: 263-8037 Telephone: 3058300 Fax:3058300
Banco Financia, S.A. (BMF) Banco General, S.A.
Telephone: 229-1122 Fax: 229-3238 Telephone: 303-5001 Fax: 265-021
Banco Internacional de Costa Rica, S.A. Banco Latinoamericano de Exportaciones, S.A. (BLADEX)
Telephone: 208-9500 Fax: 208-9581 Telephone: 210-8500 Fax: 269-6333
Banco Panamá, S.A. Banco Panameño de la Vivienda, S.A. (BANVIVIENDA)
Telephone: 302-4000 Fax: 302-4015 Telephone: 300-4700 Fax: 300-1133
Banco Pichincha Panamá, S. A. Banco Trasatlántico, S.A.
Telephone: 264-7448 Fax: 264-6129 Telephone: 269-2318 Fax: 269-4948
Banco Universal, S.A. Banesco, S.A.
Telephone: 777-9400 Fax: 777-9432 Telephone: 282-2000 Fax: 282-2257
BCT Bank International, S.A. BNP Paribas Sucursal Panamá
Telephone: 269-9565 Fax: 269-9563 Telephone: 263-6600 Fax: 263-6970
Capital Bank, Inc. Citibank, N.A.
Telephone: 209-7000 Fax: 209-7051 Telephone: 210-5900 Fax: 210-5904
Credicorp Bank, S.A. Global Bank Corporation
Telephone: 210-1111 Fax: 210-0412 Telephone: 206-2000 Fax: 206-2047
HSBC Bank (Panamá), S.A. Metrobank, S.A.
Telephone: 263-5855 Fax: 206-6300 Telephone: 204-9000 Fax: 204-9001
MiBanco, S.A. BMF MMG Bank Corporation
Telephone: 274-0242 Fax: 274-2601 Telephone: 265-7600 Fax: 265-7601
Multibank, Inc. Produbank (Panamá), S.A.
Telephone: 294-3500 Fax: 264-4014 Telephone: 269-5564 Fax: 269-8322
St. Georges Bank & Company, Inc. The Bank Of Nova Scotia
Telephone: 322-2022 Fax: 322-2024 Telephone: 208-7700 Fax: 208-7747

If you want to open a banking account in Panama, click here; if you want to know more about what you need to open one click here

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