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The corporations as so offer many advantages to the persons, specially to foreigners, despite it does not offer a suitable protection, for that reason the role of the foundation is fundamental; due to the its characteristics, the foundation gives an adequate support to the corporations, increasing the anonymity together, where the Corporation absorbed by a private interest foundation obtains a protection for its goods or assets.


All these types of services of Foundation and Corporation are allowed in the Republic of Panama, which is considered the most anonymous of the world. If you wish to get it or require more information, please contact us.


Together to the Foundations and Corporations, there are other services that will help you with a better management of them, as a banking account in the Republic of Panama to protect your assets; if you want to know more, press here.


The Foundations and Corporations altogether present a peculiarity; if you want to know, press here.


In order to acquire these services or wish a better advising, contact us by calling to +(507) 832-5567 or write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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