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The Offshore corporations in Panama are corporations established and registered in the Republic of Panama, known by many as IBC´s, International Business Corporation, and appear with terminologies as S.A., Corp., Inc., etc.

An Offshore corporation in Panama requires no capital subscription, nor a payment to start the business; and best of all, businesses can be carried out in Panama or worldwide.

These corporations give many advantages especially if you are foreign, since it offers greater protection and confidentiality to your business, besides, you can reach an increase of your profit, if you want to know more, contact us.

For the creation of these corporations, you will only need directors and officers, who can be of any nationality; in addition, the agreement of three natural or legal persons is required to constitute the board of directors.

An important aspect is that corporations shall only pay income taxes in Panama for the earnings of lucrative activities perform within the Panamanian territory, which shall require a commercial license or notice of operation. Any revenue obtained outside Panama DOES NOT PAY income tax.

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