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Attractiveness of the Corporations in Panama E-mail

What attracts many to constitute Corporations in Panama is:


1. Panama is the most popular and reliable Jurisdiction, after Hong Kong, for the formation of offshore Corporations and offshore Private Interest Foundations.


2. No Reports or Taxes for non-Residents.


3. Corporate Secrecy: all books (Minutes and Shares) stay 100% under laws of privacy and confidentiality.


4. Anonymous Owner: the stock certificates can be To the Bearer. To the Bearer means, the one that holds between his hands the certificate. The Bearer is equal to the Owner.


5. The Capital does not have to be paid: there is no physical payment, nor time limit for payment. Perhaps it never has to be done.


6. The Directors (President, Secretary and Treasurer) can be natural or legal persons as other Corporations, different from the owner. Same can be reappointed at any time. We offer our clients the option to use our Directors for their Corporations. In the event the client requests it, we guaranteed our service providing letters of resignation for each one of our Directors, so that they can replace them at any time.


7. It is not required to hold meetings or Board of Directors and Shareholders at any time. If there is a meeting, it can be held anywhere in the world through Power of Attorneys.


8. Books of the Corporation: the law establishes that it is mandatory to have a Minute book and a book Shares. Both can be anywhere in the world.


9. Annual Tax: is the annual tax for keeping a Corporation in force. The cost is US$300.00. There are two dates in the year for the payment of such tax. Dates: 15th of January and 15th of July of every year, depending on the date of incorporation of the corporation. If you pass the deadline for paying, you will pay a US$50.00 fine; the second time pays US$300.00, reason why you need to pay attention to this annual tax.


10. Not need to come to Panama to request the registry of your Corporation, it can be requested from any part of the world.


11. Offshore Corporations in Panama do not require a Commercial License or Notice of Operations to operate internationally.


12. If you already own a Foreign Corporation, you can redomicile it in Panama and vice versa.


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