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The Offshore Foundations are Private Interest Foundations constituted in the Republic of Panama, and that in turn, are an independent, instituted and separated legal person from its founders, beneficiaries, or administrators, and are constituted by one or more persons, which are known as founders.

The Private Interest Foundations can be owners of goods of any class, nature or description and do not need a private initial capital requirement. These foundations can be of shareholders of corporations, which facilitate the anonymity of the shares with a greater security than the bearer shares; generally the clients that look for anonymity buy a Foundation, so it can be the owner of the shares that the corporation issues and exerting by means of powers the control of the corporation.

The Foundations have different uses, one is explained in the preceding paragraph, another one is the minimization of taxes; the following taxes are not applicable to the foundations:

• Income Tax

• Tax on capital gain

• Withholding Tax

• Invention Tax

• Tax on interest income

• Sales Tax

• Tax to the beneficiaries

• Transferred Tax to the beneficiary

• Capital Tax

• Property Tax (for the foreigner)

• Real Estate Transference Tax

• Gift Tax

• Inheritance Tax

• Stamp tax

• Succession Tax

• Inventory Tax

The foundations allow a great privacy to its founders, but there are other methods to increase the privacy of your businesses. To know more, press here.


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