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The Republic of Panama is an ideal jurisdiction for your “Offshore” needs, because it has well-established laws that allow being adequate for you. Among these laws we can mention the Panamanian Companies Act, which was passed more than 70 years ago. Panama also offers the Private Interest Foundations, as part of the most used vehicles for asset protection and planning of goods, available today.


Between the Benefits and Advantages that Panama offers:

1. No Fiscal Taxes: the Panamanian International Business Companies (IBC's) and Private Interest Foundations do not pay taxes over any of their income (as it is indicated below), nor are required to report to the Panamanian government.

  • There are no taxes on income.
  • There are no taxes on capital gain.
  • There are no taxes on interests.
  • There are no taxes on sales.
  • There is no tax over corporative shares issuance.
  • There are no taxes to the shareholders.
  • There is no tax for sale or transference of shares.
  • There is no tax for capital stocks.
  • There is no tax on property.
  • There is no state tax.
  • There is no tax for gift.
  • There is no tax for stamp.
  • There is no succession tax.
  • There is no tax for inventory.

2. Panama offers the most flexible and favorable law of Corporations in the world. The Private Interest Foundations are also available, and are one of most used structures for stock planning in today’s world.


3. The circulating currency in Panama is the American Dollar.


4. Panama continues in maintaining the ones that we considered are the most solid laws of banking confidentiality and corporative books of the world, which are set in its Political Constitution. With proposal of British regulation to remove the secret banking and corporate books in “Offshore” territories of the United Kingdom, is clear that Panama remains as the most secure “Offshore” financial center - where the privacy and confidentiality not only are respected, but vigorously protected by Constitutional Law.


5. Panama is considered by analysts, the most stable government of Central and South America.


6. The Panamanian economy is one of the most stable, prosperous and more advanced in all Central and South America.


There are many other aspects for which Panama is an adequate country for you, not only to protect your assets but to invest, that is why Panama Offshore Privacy Services offers Offshore Services; in order to select our services, press here or call us to +(507) 832-5567.


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